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Fundraising with Kytons - South Australia

Kytons has a variety of products to fundraise with:

Easter Products, All Year Round Products, Winter Products & our Christmas Range.

Choose carefully as we can only deliver certain products at certain times of the year.
Follow the steps below and you can not go wrong.

7 Easy Steps to Raising Funds in SA

Plan the date to receive your products and call to book the date with Kytons.

Please note: Please check your chosen dates against the product availability chart in the fundraising pack as not all products are available every day of the week or all year round.

Work out the date for forms to be returned to you.

Remember to allow yourself enough time to collate orders & notify Kytons by Thursday the week prior to collection/delivery date. A note to country customers about freight.

Put dates on the master form.

You'll find several types on the fundraising orders page, choose the ones containing the products you wish to fundraise with, photocopy and distribute to your students/members etc.

Collect forms and money and tally totals.

Ring Kytons with the final order by Thursday the week prior to your collection/delivery date.

Call us during office hours on (08) 8177 0156.

Pick up or have your order delivered and distribute to your customers.

Plan how to spend your new funds.

Helpful Fundraising Tools

  • Manual Tally Sheet:

    We suggest you use a blank copy of the order form.

  • Electronic Tally Sheet:

    Download this MS Excel Sheet from the Downloads link (in the top right corner of this page)

    Similar to the Manual Tally Sheet this electronic version is set up for you in Microsoft Excel.


  • Sharon's Fundraising Tips:

    Download the PDF


  • Fundraising Cover Letter:

    Download the MS Word Document

     A handy cover letter to go with your fundraising order forms to inform people of your event.

  • Fundraiser Reminder Notice:

    Download the Reminder Notice

    A handy tool to use, to help remind people to return their forms and gather their funds.

A word from Larry
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Gday. Each year Kytons assists hundreds of groups to raise tens of thousands of dollars through our fundraising drives. We'd love to help you and your group too.

Downloading the "fundraising information pack" is a great place to start.

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