Kytons Bakery Awards & Accolades

What makes Kytons Hot Cross Buns amongst the best in Australia?

Posted by: Sharon on February 25, 2016 in: Fundraising, Awards & Accolades

Yes we at Kytons talk claim our hot cross buns are amongst the best hot cross buns in Australia (they have been awarded both first and second prize at the National Hot Cross Bun Competition over the years), but what are the nuts and bolts of why Kytons buns are superior to many other brands?

Quality of the dried fruit
Dried fruit, such as sultanas and currants are graded, dependent on their moistness and size. Many hot cross buns are made with manufacturing grade fruit and can sometimes be little nuggets of fruit, but here at Kytons we use only 4&5 crown dried fruit. In fact we are so serious about sourcing the best fruit possible for our hot cross buns, that we buy our dried fruit direct from a grower.


Paul & Marie Gibson (right) have been producing dried fruit on their property for over 20 years and for Kytons for nearly 10 years.

Flour from Laucke Mills – another great SA family owned business
Laucke flour and bread mixes have long been synonymous with great flour quality, whether used by the home cook in their bread machines or by big bakeries to produce fantastic bread and hot cross buns. Darren and Sharon, the owners of Kytons have had an ongoing relationship with the Laucke brand and the South Australian Laucke family for over 20 years and Kytons hot cross buns are made exclusively with Laucke flour and it arrives literally by the truckload at this time of the year.

Menz FruChocs
We couldn’t make our Kytons Menz Fruchocs Hot Cross Buns without yet another family owned SA business whose history stretches back even further than Kytons Bakery’s! Five years ago, our two companies came together to develop a FruChocs Hot Cross Bun as part of a radio stunt and they were so popular they literally stopped traffic. Menz’s iconic FruChocs make a great addition to Kytons delicious hot cross buns.

Kytons Buns are shipped fresh
While many hot cross buns are made ahead of time and frozen, Kytons hot cross buns are all baked fresh – our tired looking bakers are testament to that. Our team of experienced bakers, bake through the night so you can have fresh, delicious hot cross buns delivered to your nearest stockist. Staff numbers more than triple during the Easter period and we keep the staff “nourished” with an Endless Tub of Chocolates, that magically refills each night (one of my favourite jobs at Easter – being the Chocolate Fairy!)




Kytons - The Best of SA - with radio station 5aa

Posted by: Sharon on July 1, 2015 in: Awards & Accolades

The fortnight started with me being interviewed by Will Goodings. A longer interview like that is a great opportunity to go beyond the grab lines about the business and talk about the history, what makes us tick and a few funny stories along the way. Feedback I have had since the interview was that I got rather passionate about not only Kytons but the South Australian food industry in general!

Over a two week period, 11 other SA companies were also featured in the project and each company not only had an afternoon interview, but also gave away lots of lovely goodies to lots of 5aa listeners.

As well as the give-aways, the listeners also received tickets to the grand finale of the Best of SA project - a fabulous dinner last Friday night at Adelaide Oval. Overlooking our magnificent new oval, over 250 listeners, guests from the featured businesses and 5aa personalities, as well as Larry the Lamington, enjoyed a delicious dinner (featuring Kytons lamingtons and Haighs Truffles on the dessert platter), checked out displays by each of the companies and went home with a smile on their faces and even more goodies packed into s Best Of SA goodie bag.

There is a lot of doom and gloom talk around SA at the moment, but we can all be a part of turning our state around in the right direction - if we all support our local shops and try to point your purchases towards the family owned, SA operated businesses, big and small (take the time to find out who they are) we can all be a part of the solution, helping provide jobs and pride for our fantastic state.

By the way the other 11 SA businesses were : Austral Meats, Websters Lawyers, Adelaide Central Market, Shoe Shed, Haighs Chocolates, Adelaide Arcade, Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, Health Partners,  West End Brewery, Bellita Potatoes, Care Alert.

Kytons Bakery finalist in two categories at SA Food Awards

Posted by: Sharon on November 24, 2014 in: Awards & Accolades

The 2014 South Australian Food Awards were held last Friday night and what a night they were. Kytons was a finalist in two categories - Business Development Award (won by Moo Premium Foods) and the Brand South Australia Consumer Award (taken out by Enzo's at Home). While we didn't pick up any awards this year (last year we won best new product for the Kytons Menz FruChocs Hot Cross Buns), Darren and I had a fabulous evening. Apart from the awards themselves and seeing all of our wonderful foodie friends being rewarded for their wonderful products and businesses, the highlight for us was seeing our Kytons mini-lamingtons being brought out by all the waiters to be served as petit fours with coffee.

For the first time the awards held at the beautiful new Adelaide Oval and had a sporty theme and the delicous dinner used produce from as many SA producers as possible including Haighs, Gelista, Tuckers Natural and of course Kytons. HG Nelson was the host and what a hoot he was - watch out if you were too slow getting from your seat to the stage! A very excited Maggie Beer was inducted into the SA Food Hall of Fame and over 16 other awards were presented during the evening. Congratulations to all the worthy winners including Golden North Icecream, Macro Meats, Woodside Cheese Wrights, Almondco, Rainbow Fresh & B-d Farm Paris Creek. We live in a state spoilt for choice when it comes to quality food and the night was testament to this - a celebration of all things South Australian and food.

Winning Lamingtons

Posted by: Darren on September 26, 2013 in: Fundraising, New Features & Updates , Awards & Accolades

And the winner is . . .  Chocolate Orange Lamingtons.  Thanks to nearly 3000 votes from taste-testers at the Royal Adelaide Show, Kytons new lamington flavour for 2014 will be Chocolate Orange, which narrowly beat Choc-Coffee and Double Choc.

Kytons picks up two prizes at the Royal Adelaide Show

Posted by: Darren on September 11, 2013 in: New Features & Updates , Awards & Accolades

Did you know as well as all the home cook categories for baking at the Royal Adelaide Show, there is also a professional baking competition? Kytons was part of this competition this year and was delighted to pick up both a 1st for its iconic Lamingtons, but also a 2nd prize for its delicious Christmas Pudding – a new category in the competition.

Happy 75th Birthday Kytons Bakery

Posted by: Darren on September 9, 2013 in: Fundraising, New Features & Updates , Tips & Resources, Awards & Accolades

Kytons today celebrated its 75th Birthday at the Royal Adelaide Show – with a 5 tiered lamington cake, shared by special guests and Kytons fans who joined in to share a piece of lamington cake and meet Larry the Lamington who was also in attendance.

Monique Bowley meets Larry the Lamington

Posted by: Darren on September 9, 2013 in: New Features & Updates , Awards & Accolades

While she didn’t get to make lamingtons on the Great Australian Bake-Off, Monique Bowley loves a nice big plump lamington – and there is none bigger than Kytons mascot Larry the Lamington.